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      Miniature Pressure Gauge Ltd.
      great british engineering

      23mm high pressure indicators

      APPLICATIONS: Air rifles, Breathing apparatus, Medical equipment, Jet wash machines,

      SERVICE INTENDED: Gases and liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system or attack the copper alloys

      NOMINAL SIZE: 23mm Dia

      ACCURACY: ± 5% FSD

      MAXIMUM PRESSURE: 400 bar

      AVAILABLE: Water resistant to a depth of 100 m.

      CONSTRUCTION: Robust with only two moving parts minimizes the effects of Shock, Vibration, Pulsation, and Wear.


      CASE: Brass Nickel Plated.

      WINDOWS: Acrylic.

      POINTER: Aluminum.

      PRESSURE ELEMENT: Beryllium Copper.

      PRESSURE CONNECTION: Back Entry 1/8 B.S.P, 1/8 N.P.T, 7/16 U.N.F. Special threads available.


      • Ambient - 40 + 60°C
      • Medium + 60°C maximum.

      OPTIONAL: Customized dials with your own company logo {minimum order quantity 250 off}

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