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      Miniature Pressure Gauge Ltd.
      great british engineering

      Pressure gauges

      Manufacture, Supply, Service, Repair & Calibration.

      We manufacture and supply all types of Pressure, Vacuum & Temperature gauges from 12.5mm up to 300mm diameter. From low pressure and vacuum capsule gauges up to 5,000 bar / 75,000 psi. All our pressure gauges conform to BS EN837 (1998) standard. We also supply gauges with calibration certificates traceable to national physical laboratory UK / UKAS on request, We supply a wide range of industries such as food, Aerospace, Marine, Fire, Automotive, Medical, Waste, Chemical, Oil, Gas & Water, some of which have their own customized dials and company logo's.

      Pressure gauges

      • All stainless steel pressure gauges & thermometers
      • Capsule pressure and vacuum gauges
      • Differential pressure gauges
      • Vacuum / Absolute gauges
      • Electrical contact pressure gauges
      • Refrigeration gauges
      • Diaphragm gauges
      • Chemical seal pressure gauges
      • Hygienic pressure gauges
      • Glycerine filled gauges
      • Safety pattern gauges
      • Test gauges {0.25% & 0.5% Acc}
      • Bi – metal thermometers
      • Gas filled temperature gauges 
      • Tank contents gauges
      • Force pressure gauges {tons,tonnes,Kns}
      • Pressure testing of relief valves and vessels

      24 Hour Repair & Calibration Service. ( in emergency break down situations, possibly same day)

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